We offer personalized soccer training

Coach Alvaro Contreras has over 30 years of playing experience, from Park District, College, and Amateur at the highest competitive level. He has coached kids since 2004. Which includes Bridgeview Indoor coach for the U-8, Bridgeview Assistant coach for U-11, IFC soccer coach U-8 & U-13 and Asst. Coach for MVCC men’s soccer team. Why this type of training format?   “What I love about the sport is the way it transforms kids imagination, attitude, self-confidence, social and mental attitudes given the right coaching, environment, and motivation!” He holds an “F” and “E” license sanctioned by the USA Soccer Federation.

Core Mission:

“Knights Soccer Academy focuses on improving and polishing the kid’s core soccer skills, technical & tactical knowledge of the game, including position-specific, physical and mental training, while making it enjoyable and a fun learning experience!”

Everyone Loves Quick Answers!

Q: Schedules?
A: Scheduled days and times are subject to change based on number of attendees, ages and gender in order to create a better training experience. Summer rates and training hours are different than indoor.

Q: Cost?
A: For kids 8-10 years old 5 week sessions are $250. For 11-13 years old $300.

Q. How do I make a payment?

A: We offer two types of accepted payments:

  1. Pay online via PayPal – Click HERE
  2. Payment can be made with quick pay or Zelle app.  Go here for instructions:  QUICKPAY

Note:  Use 10soccerknights@gmail.com email address to make a payment.


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If you have any questions feel free to contact program director at 708-830-3216
or email: 10soccerknights@gmail.com